Regenerative braking and how it works
Regenerative Braking Explained

Hybrid and electric cars use regenerative braking (Regen braking). So, what is regenerative braking and how does it work? Regen braking converts the kinetic energy from braking and transforms it into electrical power. Regen braking systems are used exclusively on hybrid and full-electric vehicles.

It is often viewed as an assist to traditional mechanical braking systems and slows the car minimizing the need to fully utilize the traditional brakes. The electric motor effectively turns into a generator, and the electricity harvested charges the batteries.

The energy is effectively recovered from the vehicle as it is in motion, hence the term regen braking. An electro-mechanical brake servo is used to coordinate the deceleration between the electric motor and brakes. You could say it’s a form of “turbo braking”.

Anyway, YouTuber Kyle Engineers explains how regenerative braking works, so we don’t have to.

Regenerative braking and how it works
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