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5 Cars That Lottery Winners Can Afford

We all have dreams from time to time about what it would be like to have a lot of money. Imagine being able to buy the car that you have always wanted or envisioned. This is a great feeling, right? Guess what? You could have a gorgeous car that looks classy and wealthy without spending a lot. So, what car would you buy if you won the Lotto? Jamie Balmer, a professional car dealer, will show you how affordable cars can transform your life and make you trendy without you having to spend your whole lottery prize.

5 cars that new lottery winners can afford

As you have seen, being classy doesn’t necessarily require you to be wealthy. Jamie Balmer, an English car expert, has compiled a list of five top-rated cars that you can buy for less than PS20,000 (around EUR23,000). Here are Jamie Balmer’s top five luxury cars that aren’t too expensive.


Jamie described this car as an “absolute bargain” coupe. This luxury coupe is sporty and has a 6-litre W12 twin-turbocharged engine.

Lotto Win, what to buy - Bentley Continental GTC

You can reach speeds just shy of 200 mph with all the comforts of home. Its unique interior design shines with premium leather and wood features, as well as a classic analog clock. According to the car expert, “these coupes have impeccable styling that has remained timeless over time.” “The fact that these coupes can be bought for as low as PS20,000 is an amazing bargain!”


Jamie said that the Maserati Quattroporte, a four-door luxury car with a Ferrari-derived V8 engine revving to 7500 rpm, is still in use today.

Forza Italy

It is known as the icon of Italian elegance and has been a classy coat symbol since the mid-2000s. Maserati calls the interior a “timeless masterpiece in Italian design” with beautiful Italian leather and many interior buttons. You will find all the luxury you need. It is a top-quality Italian thoroughbred that makes lemonade money.


The Porsche Panamera, a brand-new car, is the third. It’s somewhere in between a sports car or a luxury four-door saloon.

Lotto Win, what to buy - Porsche Panamera

These cars are available in many different specifications, including a 3-liter diesel engine and a TwinTurbo V8 turbo engine. This makes it easy to find a budget-friendly model. Porsche’s interior is a masterpiece. It boasts a lot of leather and German reliability. These were not popular styles, but Jamie believes they have improved in appearance over the years.


We are taking you back to the 60s when motoring was at its peak. Today, you can buy your Rolls-Royce at the same price as a new Dacia Duster.

Lotto win buy

The iconic Rolls-Royce silver shadow is a classic car. It oozes class and can make you trendy. According to the car specialist, it is “exactly what you would see outside a fancy restaurant.” This car is a great investment, especially with rising prices. There are only 18 of them left.


Jamie said that the Aston Martin V8 Vantage was his wildcard choice, and it costs just shy of PS22,000.

Lotto Win, what to buy - Aston Martin V8 Volante

Jamie says that the smaller, more agile V8-powered version of an Aston Martin still looks like a PS60,000+ car. This car is highly recommended by Jamie for its value, great styling, and the best rear-end you can find on a luxury two-seater grand tourer. Incredible value for money!

Haven’t you won the Lottery yet? No problem

While buying a car is a great idea, what’s more important is how you take care of your belongings. These are some simple ways to look stylish and classy, even if you have a limited budget. First, a clean car will make a huge difference in how you look and what your first impressions are. You can also change accessories to your car, such as changing or adding a display or painting it. Some accessories, like new carpets, LED lights, or steering wheel covers, can make a big difference.

Look your best

Gambling is not a way to become wealthy or solve your financial problems. However, it is okay for you to imagine what you could get if that money were available.

James Bond - Daniel Craig - Look your Best

You probably know that there are many ways to look stylish on a tight budget. Car care will make you look stylish and sophisticated, so take care of it!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage - No Time To Die - James Bond Movie
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