The Freudian Face You Pull When You Know The Ford Focus Isn’t Worth It

Mat Watson’s Carwow, or should that be Carwow’s Mat Watson, is on a mission from god, a mission to get the masses to believe the Ford Focus is actually worth buying. It never was, but it is a Ford, a company for whom motoring journalists are expected to sacrifice their personal opinions on the altar of hypocrisy.  You see, the people over at Ford UK have a GOD-like mentality, they are smirking and chattering priests whose very existence we should all be thankful for.

These people, lacking self-awareness skills, ought to be ambassadors to their brand instead of promoting their personal ambitions and egos. They are the barstweards of PR gone very, very wrong. But if you are a motoring journalist getting on the right side of Ford UK is the moment where you suspend belief and nod in agreement with the fake smiling eyes looking back at you.

Watson does his duty and instructs his followers to buy the Ford Focus, praise be Lord Watson, Ford hath spoken. While we become ever more embittered, disillusioned, and spit words of fire, don’t listen to what we say watch the video and make up your own mind.

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