The Geely Radar RD6 is A $25,000 Electric Pickup Truck

You can not buy a pickup truck in the UK for or less than $25,000, An electric pickup truck, considered to be next-generation technology, is expensive. An entry-level Ford F150-Lightning starts at $50,000. So the Geely Radar RD6 is ground-breaking because finally, electric cars are beginning to be influenced not by Elon Musk but by good old-fashioned economies of scale. The latter meaning, in very simple terms, supply is outstripping demand.

Anyway, UK based YouTube channel Fully Charged emitted tonnes of carbon emissions by flying over to China to test the Radar RD6 Pickup EV. However, the test features a pre-production model, will the production-ready RD6 actually cost $25,000? only time will tell.

Not sure about the reviewer, Eliot has a number of specific criticisms about the RD6 and at the end argues that it does everything really really well. What?

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