Red Bull Racing discover freedom to protest does not exist
The Murdoch Press Is At War With Red Bull Racing Over Mexico GP Boycott
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When you boycott the Rupert Murdoch owned press you will feel its full power and wrath, by definition you have nowhere to hide, you have no freedom. This very scenario has befallen Red Bull Racing who decided to boycott SkyF1 at the Mexico Grand Prix. Red Bull took umbrage to SkyF1 pundit Ted Kravits’ description of “robbing” the 2021 championship from Lewis Hamilton, or words to that effect.

Senior management from Christian Horner decided enough was enough and along with Max Verstappen the entire team boycotted SkyF1 for the entire weekend. When normal relations resume at the next scheduled Grand Prix, it will do so under a nimbus cloud of discontent. Red Bull’s protest motioned Murdoch’s press acolytes into action.

Matthew Syed, writer for the Murdoch-owned The Times and Sunday Times wrote what can only be described as a hit piece directed toward Red Bull Racing and Christian Horner. Syed wrote it was wrong for Horner to cite mental health issues as a way to justify Red Bull’s Boycott of SkyF1. Then Syed wrote in a bullying manner wrote how Red Bull stole to 2021 drivers championship.

Without any sense of self-awareness Syed, an advocate for mental health understanding stirred up the mental health debate using it as a metaphorical sword to stab Red Bull in the side. Syed did not wake up one morning and decide to write a hit piece directed towards Red Bull, he was given instructions from up above to remind F1 team who really is in charge of the media.

SkyF1 is a Murdoch entity in all but name, it is deeply aligned with the Murdoch-owned Times newspaper. Red Bull Racing has learned a harsh lesson here, in Western democracy freedom of expression and thought has been captured by the press barons. The garbage article written by Syed is classic divide-and-conquer journalism.

Syed’s hit piece is gaslighting and torching freedom of expression while claiming to represent it. Corporate journalism is in a zombified state of existence, will Syed ever challenge Murdoch for causing multiple mental health issues to those in the public eye who have been wrongly and grossly treated by the very organization he works for?

We can guess what Syed will do. Moving forward we’re guessing Red Bull Racing will never again boycott SkyF1 for having an opinion is a one-way street next to the power of the Murdoch press.

Red Bull Racing discover freedom to protest does not exist
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