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How to Open Your Driving School

Planning on setting up your driving school? This can be a rewarding business venture because you get the satisfaction of helping people to achieve an important life skill. There is also a strong demand for driving schools, especially since COVID-19 created such a backlog of people looking to learn how to drive. So, what steps are involved in setting up this type of business?


Research is always the first step when setting up any type of business. You want to research what is required to set up this business, what the current market trends are, who your competitors are and who your target market is. This research is key because it will help you to build a brand that has the potential for success and know what to expect in the process of setting up the business.

Find Your Location

The location of your driving school will have a big impact on your success. You will want to find somewhere that is close to your target market (mainly young people) but also somewhere that does not have too much competition.

Driving School location research

You also need to find somewhere that will be large enough to house your operation but also somewhere that is easily accessible.

Employ Instructors

Perhaps the most important step in starting a driving school is employing instructors. The instructors will determine your success, so you want to find people that have the required skills and knowledge but also have a friendly and gentle demeanour. Many learner drivers change instructors if they do not feel comfortable, so you must find instructors that have good people skills. You may also want to become a qualified driving instructor yourself if you think that you would enjoy the role or you may prefer to focus on running the business (which can be demanding).

Cover Expenses

There are various expenses that you will need to cover when starting this business, which is why it is a good idea to calculate your costs and then secure funding with a long-term business loan.

Texting and Driving  

A long-term business loan is a good option because you can retain all control of the business and quickly get your hands on the money. A few of the costs involved include vehicles, instructor training, insurance, fuel, rent, marketing, and wages.

Market the Business

Marketing is key to success and you want to make as many people aware of your driving school as possible. You should use digital marketing and social media to create a strong presence online but also encourage word-of-mouth marketing as this is highly effective with this type of business.

These are a few of the main areas to focus on when starting a driving school. This can be a rewarding business venture and there is currently strong demand for instructors, but you need to know how to set up for success in this industry.

The Driving Instructor
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