Lucid Air review by MKBHD
MKBHD Admires But Doesn’t Like The Lucid Air

Ultra tech nerd MKBHD has a problem with the Lucid Air, specifically to do with the car’s exterior design. On paper, the Air outperforms the Model S, and the interior is more luxurious. But… MKBHD would not swap his Model S for an Air anytime soon. And it comes down to a few details.

The Model S has a rear hatch making it more practical. The Lucid utilizes a traditional rear boot opening which restricts practicality, and that’s enough for MKBHD to rule out the Air.

There might also be another reason, the Air has a $54K price premium over the Tesla Model S. In terms of the exterior design, the Air exhibits a well-proportioned and accomplished design. In other words, it looks really nice.

Lucid Air review by MKBHD
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