AC Cobra GT Roadster
All New AC Cobra GT Roadster To Be Powered By Old Fashioned 654bhp V8
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You know what? I didn’t even know AC Cars still made cars. They refer to themselves as Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer. I would say the great survivor. Over the years AC Cars have gone into liquidation on numerous occasions only to be resurrected by yet another group of investors who believe they can rekindle the company’s signature sports car, the AC Cobra. The AC Cobra is or rather was Britain’s answer to the Porsche 911, but longevity never favored the AC Cobra as it did the 911.

AC Cobra kit cars became the only way for enthusiasts to keep the spirit alive. Indeed the AC Cobra has a timeless appeal the classic exterior design has survived intact, and it looks as good today as it did when it first launched in 1961.

AC Cobra GT Roadster - Front Q

Now a new group of investors has brought the AC Cobra back to life. This will be no Frankenstein rebuild, it will be a clean sheet design based on a space-frame aluminum chassis and carbon composite body. The two-seater will provide the performance, handling and soundtrack that the Cobra name was famous for.

The all new AC Cobra GT Roadster will powered by an old-fashioned V8 engine. Total system power is rated at 654bhp (663PS) and 575lb ft (780Nm). Customers will have the choice of a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic gearbox in a car weighing under 1500kg. Acceleration ought to be rather fast – with a 0-60mph sprint of approximately 3.6sec.

The new AC Cobra GT Roadster will be hand finished to precision high levels of fit and finish says AC Cars. Prices and the full specification of the all-new AC Cobra GT roadster will be confirmed at its official unveiling in London in 2023. Interested customers need to make a £2,500 deposit to secure future build slots.

AC Cobra GT Roadster
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