Electric Porsche 911 Concept - 2023 - Hero
Concept Artist Imagines A Future Electric Porsche 911
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It isn’t normal for any car manufacturer to suddenly abandon a profitable business, but that’s what will occur when manufacturers abandon ICE engines for battery electric technology in 2035. It’s all part of the zero-emissions initiative being mandated by EU statutes and laws. For over 50 years the Porsche 911 has been powered by an internal combustion engine from air-cooled, water-cooled, to turbo-charged boxer engine.

Electric Porsche 911 Concept - 2023 - Rear

The Porsche 911 will eventually be reborn into a fully electric car, will that famous 911 profile morph into a futuristic look? Or will Porsche continue its philosophy of evolution over revolution? The current generation 911 is the best-looking Porsche to date. I would favor an evolutionary approach for the future electric 911.

Electric Porsche 911 Concept - 2023

Concept designer Nicolas Vigier believes that an all-electric Porsche 911 should look revolutionary while paying homage to the original. Vigier has gone for revolution with his 911 concept. The Vigier 911 features smooth, curved lines to minimize drag and aid efficiency.

Electric Porsche 911 Concept - 2023 - Static

That being said, sports cars have never been about efficiency, a sports car is about pushing current car technology to the limits. Vigier has managed to retain the 911 look despite going for the revolution. Personally speaking, the current 911 still looks better. And it also happens to be the finest sportscar on the market, I would have one over a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Electric Porsche 911 Concept - 2023 - Hero
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