Lando Norris Charlie Chaplin lookalike
Is Lando Norris A Young Charlie Chaplin Reincarnated?
Formula One

The Formula One winter off-season is full of endless speculation about teams, drivers and the FIA continually putting their foot firmly in their mouths. Endless speculation to fill the white seascape of digital collum spaces. Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension? when will Hamilton retire? Will Charles Leclerc move to Mercedes? the Daniel Ricciardo question, will the sky fall on our heads?

Speculation, speculation, endless puerile speculation by the media, pundits, and anybody with a mouth full of words, not necessarily prepared to deliver with great aplomb or acclamation.

The most pressing agenda for this website is to finally answer THE question, the elephant in the room of all questions. Is Lando Norris a young Charlie Chaplin re-incarnated?

So who was this… Charlie Chaplin? He was a British comic actor who moved to 1920s Hollywood and became a global cinematic superstar of the silent film era. His portrayal of a mustachioed tramp with the walking stick is iconic of an age caught up in the foul winds of a banking crisis and the great depression that followed.

Charlie Chaplin on movie location

A banking crisis in the 1920s? That sounds familiar.

To get an understanding of how famous Chaplin was, a modern audience would have to equate Chaplin’s fame to that of the most popular YouTube star of the moment. Although Chaplin’s comedy is quaint by today’s standards in the 1920s Chaplin’s brand of cinematic comedy was groundbreaking.

Anyway… I recently noticed the similarities between a young Charlie Chaplin and Lando Norris and felt it was an important issue to address… because it’s a slow news day… and I tire of the endless F1 speculation… even though I do a fair amount of it myself.

Lando Norris With Charlie Chaplin Moustache

Anyway… we even went to the expense of simulating Lando Norris as Charlie Chaplin. Our image does not rely on AI-generated imagery or an expensive software tool, merely a dodgy digital artist with a lot of time to waste… it’s a slow news day people!

Lando Norris Charlie Chaplin lookalike
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