VW ID7 Sedan - Emperor Palpatine Edition
Volkswagen Reveals The Emperor Palpatine ID7 Sedan
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Behind closed doors, away from public gaze, Volkswagen is lobbying the Germany Government to lift the 2035 ban on internal combustion/fossil-fueled cars. At the very same moment, Volkswagen is championing its range of electric cars. The ID electric brand is Volkswagen’s chance to gaslight its way out of the dieselgate era, a catastrophe of its own making. For over 25 years Volkswagen built dirty diesel engines and marketed them as the cleanest diesel engine technology available. It was all a carefully constructed marketing, Trumpian inspired lie. Of course, we know how it ended. The breadth and scale of VW’s criminality and deception led the European Union to accelerate its zero emissions policy and impose a ban on the internal combustion engine era.

Despite paying multi-billion dollars in fines, Volkswagen is effectively indemnified by the German government. Indeed since dieselgate VW has continued to prosper and continued the art of talking out of both sides of its mouth, like Chancellor Palpatine of the Star Wars Republic, AKA Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith.

VW ID7 Sedan - Emperor Palpatine Edition

Henceforth, the Volkswagen ID7 Sedan shall be known as the Volkswagen Emperor Palpatine ID7 Sedan. The latter is the latest attempt by VW to prove its electric car credentials. The problem is the world and the consumers within tend to forget criminality and fraud rather quickly. Especially motoring journalists.

In the end, dieselgate was just another story from years ago. The Emperor Palpatine ID7 Sedan is VW’s passport to return to civilization, it is a forgive-and-forget product that debuted at the 2023 CES show. The car appeared on stage in camouflage to hide the shame of its executives who did nothing and everything to perpetuate and extend the damaging effects of dieselgate on the environment and vulnerable people.

The VW Emperor Palpatine ID7, a Passat sized sedan, a get-out clause and allows VW to tell the world it cares for humanity and the future sustainability of Earth. Apparently, it will have an electric range of 435 miles and incorporate a 15-inch infotainment screen. The Emperor Palpatine ID7 Sedan is VW’s sixth attempt to convince people it really cares about the environment and will go on sale next year.

VW ID7 Sedan - Emperor Palpatine Edition
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