Bentley Flying Spur Widebody - Instagram Concepts
Bentley Flying Spur Widebody Concept Is The King of Stance
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Bentley has closed an engineering chapter, by announcing, on this day, the ending of the iconic W12 engine at the end of 2024. Bentley will instead focus on building hybrid V8 and V6 powertrains. But nothing can match the effortless driveability of a V12 or W12, not even the V8s. Well, actually only pure electric powertrains can totally blow away the legacy cobwebs of a W12. In response, Instagram communicated to the concept gods and in 7 days created a Flying Spur Widebody with a stance to match its widebody attitude.

Bentley Flying Spur - The Widebody Stance Edition - Side Elevation

Cars powered by the means of fossil fuels are becoming outdated as the shift to pure electric cars gathers pace. Bentley has sold over 100,000 models powered by the W12 engine, and now it is being retired like it’s some kind of sentient being. In one final send off Bentley will make 18 limited performance edition Baturs delivering 740bhp.

Bentley Flying Spur - The Widebody Stance Edition - Rear

While most people think widebody car modifications are the false gods of carmanity that doesn’t stop people from worshipping at the widebody mod altar. Widebody mods are the flavor in Japan’s car culture and this particular example from the land where the sun never sets caught our attention.

Bentley Flying Spur - The Widebody Stance Edition

A Bentley is mostly about understated class, an oxymoron because a typical Bentley buyer has no class. A Modern Bentley, however, uses too many exterior chrome elements. They ought to tone down the usage of chrome because Bentleys are beginning to look like silver plated knuckle dusters.

On that front, a widebody Flying Spur with a king of kings stance is more than palatable next to Bentley’s continued over-use of chrome.

Bentley Flying Spur Widebody - Instagram Concepts
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