Petrol vs batterries - energy density
Petrol vs Batteries, The Pros And Cons Revealed

Bloke, from YouTube channel Classic Electric Cars, wants to discuss the pros and cons of petrol vs batteries. You see it’s all about energy density. Petrol, which is refined dinosaur juice, has way more energy density than a battery. To combat this disadvantage, electric vehicles are fitted with batteries… lots of batteries which adds weight… a lot of weight.

On the other hand, petrol cars have heavy engines and transmissions which kind of closes the gap with electric cars. An electric car will have a fairly small motor, or two, to provide propulsion but will be bogged down by a heavy battery pack.

Nonetheless, petrol will always pack more energy until such a time comes when battery technology narrows the gap and then outperforms petroleum’s energy density equation. Such magic battery technology is theoretically possible, but as of yet, no commercial breakthroughs have been achieved.

So Bloke from Classic Electric Cars reveals how current battery technology is catching up with gas-powered cars.

Petrol vs batterries - energy density
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