Aston Martin Valkyrie Test Drive
Chris Harris Tested The Aston Martin Valkyrie… And He Didn’t Like It

Top Gear’s Chris Harris, nee Mr. Sideways, is motoring journalism royalty and as such he gets treated like a King by desperately seeking attention car manufacturers who want to exploit his audience demographics for possible sales conversions. Or just do a bit of brand awareness building to tick off the marketing funnel bucket list. And so Aston Martin invites Harris to test their new Valkyrie hypercar.

Harris duly does his duty for Top Gear and his country, his verdict is realistic… Harris does not like the Aston Martin Valkyrie for being difficult to tame on track. The Valkyrie is street legal, we expect many Valkyries to end their lives in a recycling center after owners abandon their $3M hypercars into a brick wall.

A car such as the Valkyrie exists to push the limits of current automotive engineering and technology. In addition, the Valkryie also pushes the limits of most personal incomes. In reality, most Valkryies will not end up becoming accident damaged and then repaired by a YouTuber with a cheesy grin.

The typical Valkyrie owner will be an investor because a car as rare and as extreme as the Valkyrie will only accumulate in value the next day, month, and years ahead.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Test Drive
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