Battery technology explained,
The Future of The Battery Explained

Did you know that the cost of a Tesla battery pack has been cut in half and capacity has been increased by 60 percent since 2008. That sounds like progress. And it is. But if electric cars are to offer the convenience of an ICE car then there is still much more progress to make.

Battery technology is nowhere near close enough to providing the range or effiecency of petroleum.

Some say the future of the battery is nano-technology. Batteries that can charge in seconds and last for months without the need to recharge.

Graphene batteries are said to be the event horizon for the dawn of a new range of super batteries.

Super capacity batteries that are lightweight and ultra ultra-compact is a long way off reaching the general consumer.

So, for now, fossil-fueled cars are still way more efficient. But they pollute like hell.

However, one day a new generation of super cell batteries will replace fossil fuel for superiority. But that wont be so for another 25 years at least.


Battery technology explained,
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