WhistlinDiesel G-Wagon Durability test part 3
WhistlinDeisel Continues Quest To Destroy His AMG G-Wagon

Crazy, rootin’-tootin’ YouTuber WhistlinDiesel continues his quest to destroy his brand new AMG G-Wagon through a series of durability stunt tests. Bearing in mind that Mercedes customers pay $1480K for an AMG G-Wagon. Clearly, YouTube’s monetization partnership with top YouTube channels such as WhistlinDiesel affords mindless content creators to crush, crash, and destroy.

In his latest upload, WhistlinDiesel decides to drop his G-Wagon through a rather shed that he spent $50K on sprucing up. To make the video more… memorable, he decides to sit inside the G-Wagon as it is mounted on a crane and dropped.

That’s country folk fors-yeah.

 WhistlinDiesel G-Wagon Durability test part 3
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