Mercedes Corruption
Mercedes Caught Being Morally And Ethically Corrupt… Again…
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When a mega-corporation says it cares for the environment, cares for equal rights, or wants to build a sustainable WEF fantasy future, always take corporate speak with a pinch of salt. Often mega corporations will build a wholesome image to gaslight their way into a specific buyer demographic/profile, Mercedes being just one such example. Yet again Mercedes is at the center of alleged criminality with two active prosecutions for being morally and ethically corrupt. Two Mercedes Benz employees are being invested by prosecutors in Stuttgart over bribery and corruption charges.

According to the latest news reports emanating from Germany, prosecutors conducted searches, last week, at a Mercedes production facility in Sindelfingen, Stuttgart. Prosecutors seized a computer and mobile phone during the searches at the manufacturing plant. The two suspects are under investigation for bribery in business transactions.

Mercedes has filed a complaint citing they are the “injured parties”, the company has released no further comment.

Deiselgate Corrpution

On a second front, Mercedes is under pressure from the European Court of Justice to compensate consumers for its involvement in the dieselgate scandal. Dieselgate emerged in 2015 after it was discovered that Mercedes used so-called defeat-device software to manipulate and pass complex emissions test regulations.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled the defeat device software illegal. However, the ECJ has no power to order and enforce compensatory measures and thus relies on each EU member state’s national courts to mandate compensation.

Easier said than done because it appears German federal law wants to brush deiselgate quietly under the carpet of history and has no desire to act on the ECJ’s ruling which means the German state is, effectively, aiding and abetting criminality and has no concerns for the environment they so desperately want to save humanity from.

Mercedes Corruption
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