AC Cobra GT Roadster - Retro Revival
This is The New AC Cobra GT Roadster
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The AC Ace was born in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. Since 1962, it was produced intermittently in both the United Kingdom and later the United States by Shelby American Inc. But it feels as though the AC Ace/Cobra has been continually manufactured every year since 1962 and sold to hither too unknown motoring enthusiasts. However, the company has led an odd nomadic existence since the late 1960s. Over the next decades, AC Cars made a few extremely limited edition production models. During this time the company changed hands and after a few various owners later it is being resurrected.

The new AC Cobra GT Roadster is the result of more than three years of intense investment and development. Focused on producing the most advanced Cobra ever, AC Cars is scheduled to unveil its exclusive new sports car in April 2023.

The car features a bespoke interior and features electric windows, climate control and a sat nav/infotainment system. With a high degree of hand finishing essential to deliver the required quality, the cabin fusses both analogue instrumentation and digital technology.

AC Cobra GT Roadster - 2023 Retro Edition - BEV

Using a V8 engine developing up to 654bhp (663PS) and 575lb ft (780Nm), and with the choice of a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic gearbox in a car weighing under 1500kg, acceleration, and speed will equate to a 0-60mph sprint of approximately 3.4sec.

The car’s suspension configuration and geometry, tuned to be compliant yet responsive, have been developed in close collaboration with a professional UK race team, which has consulted for AC throughout the development period.

AC Cobra GT Roadster - 2023 Retro Edition

The new AC Cobra GT Roadster is available to order for clients worldwide, and customers can schedule a personal consultation with a member of the team, as well as reserve their new AC Cobra GT Roadster, at or via email

AC Cobra GT Roadster - Retro Revival
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