2023 Range rover fact checked
The New Range Rover Fact Checked
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In a desire to appear more journalistic, we have decided to fact-check the new Range Rover. According to Land Rover marketing, the new Range Rover is distinguished, sophisticated and uncompromising. Apart from demonstrating Land Rover employs people who have the ability to use a dictionary, what do they actually mean? The new reductive design language is pure Range Rover, it looks the part, it all looks like the King of SUVs. However, there is a grim reality about being a Range Rover owner… living with the ever-present danger of a lack of reliability.

So, now that the fanfare has died down, and the bought mainstream media has heaped praise to the point where it has run out of engineered superlatives… we fact-check the new Range Rover.

1. Do Range Rovers really burst into flames without warning?

Yes, Land Rover spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing proprietary engines after deciding to part ways with long-term engine supplier Ford. The Ingenium engine will go down in Land Rover infamy for being the Chernobyl of engines. There are multiple stories of Land Rover models suddenly bursting into flames. Most recently, a mother of two was returning from a morning school run when her Range Rover Evoke suddenly burst into flames. Links to similar stories can be found directly below.




2. Are Range Rovers unreliable?

Yes, this is true. Indeed the new Range Rover has already been issued with a recall before a single car has been delivered to a customer. According to various news sources, the front crash sensors may malfunction. Typical Land Rover quality. A few years ago Land Rover hacked off Chinese consumers with reliability issues so woeful that it caused mass protests at dealerships across China.

Remember, protesting in China is often brutally suppressed by the state. However, Land Rover angered Chinese consumers so badly due to poor product reliability and customer service that people protested without regard to any potential crackdown by the state.

A sad clown who can no longer laugh

The reliability of Land Rover as a brand has become a sad laughing stock of the automotive industry. From basic electrical wiring to flawed engineering design. Even the circus clowns can’t find anything more to laugh about.

3. Are Land Rover reviews worth reading?

No, Land Rover PR does not allow for freedom of thought or expression. Mind you neither does motoring journalism. This perpetual toxic blend allows Land Rover to buy the media be it through paid advertising campaigns, sponsorship or the soft power of experience events. At this point the media is trapped, obliged to write positive reviews, otherwise they lose access, crucial access to Land Rover’s hard power… the advertising spend.

The media will gently complain but go along with the charade because they want privileged access. A manufacturer’s advertising clout is a crucial part of the business model. At this point, journalism no longer exists. To that end, the consumer loses out. Due to a massive lack of self-awareness Land Rover loses out. But all they desire is to continue to sell a wholesome image without any immediate repercussions.

Indeed Land Rover loses in the long term because instead of building a reputation of strength and solidity they build up a base of angry consumers. Over time this spawns into a digital search index of poor reliability and endless stories of vehicles bursting into flames.

Land Rover, they will never learn.

2023 Range rover fact checked
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