China Publicly Twists Land Rovers Arms Over Quality Issues
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We usually don’t run stories about vehicle recalls but this one is of interest. Jaguar Land Rover like many European car manufacturers see China as a gold plated dish waiting to be feasted upon. Its a numbers game, there is a huge growing middle class in China who have huge aspirations which means they have money burning a hole in their pockets. Money doing nothing has to be spent sometime or another and so inevitably it is spent. Its basic economics at play. But China doesn’t like it when you sell poor quality products to its people and will use state run TV to shame you and your company. That’s what happened recently to Jaguar Land Rover after the company was basically shamed into recalling 36,000 imported Range Rover Evoques. China’s state run TV, China Central Television, complained in a recent broadcast that Jaguar Land Rover failed in its duty to handle the issue around defective gearboxes. One week later Jaguar begun to issue a recall. Land Rover wants to gain a 10 percent share of the Chinese market, but if you sell defective products in China its seen as an insult. Jaguar Land Rover isn’t the only foreign car maker to get a public dressing down from China’s State run TV which is basically the mouth piece of the communist party. Volkswagen was also recently publicly shamed after it ignored complaints from consumers of oil leaks from engines. In 2013 VW issued a recall in China a week after state run TV shamed the company after it again ignored mechanical reliability. If you thought communism was against it peoples, which in the past it has been, China’s communism mixed with western consumerism is at least going to take care of your car if it develops a fault. That sounds good to us.  Range-Rover-Evoque-China-Recall
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