2024 Spec Porsche Cayenne SUV - Heroic Stance
Porsche Heavily Revise The Cayenne SUV And Coupe
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Porsche has heavily revised the Cayenne SUV and Coupe with exterior design updates and a heavily revised interior. Short of a new-generation platform, the 2024 Cayenne is a comprehensive upgrade. The new Cayenne debuts with a highly digitalized display, new chassis technology and high-tech features. 

The completely revised display, Porsche Driver Experience, first introduced in the Porsche Taycan, includes a fully digital 12.6-inch instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch central-mounted infotainment display. A third 10.9-inch display is now available for the first time for the front passenger. Native apps such as Spotify and Apple Music are provided as standard.

2024 Spec Porsche Cayenne - Interior

In Europe, the new Cayenne debuts with three different engine versions, a heavily revised V6 and V8. The three-litre V6 turbo engine now generates 260 kW (353 PS) and 500 Nm, which is 10 kW (13 PS) and 50 Nm more than before.

2024 Spec Porsche Cayenne SUV - Rear Stance

The top-of-the-range four-litre V8 biturbo engine outputs 349 KW (474 PS) and a torque of 600 Nm – 25 kW (34 PS) and 50 Nm more than its predecessor – it accelerates both the SUV and the SUV Coupé to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. The top speed is 273 km/h.

2024 Spec Porsche Cayenne SUV - Coupe

The six-cylinder engine also forms the basis for the powertrain of the Cayenne E-Hybrid. In combination with a new electric motor that has been improved by 30 kW to 130 kW (176 PS), the combined output increases to 346 kW (470PS). Equipped with a high-voltage battery 25.9 kWh, Cayenne Hybrid has an estimated purely electric range of up to 90 kilometres.

2024 Spec Porsche Cayenne SUV - GT Stance

The standard equipment of the Cayenne has been significantly expanded to include Matrix LED Headlights, Porsche, Active Suspension Management, 20-inch wheels, front and rear Park Assist including a reversing camera. The revised 2024 spec Porsche Cayenne will retail from € 89,097 (Coupé from € 93,143). The Cayenne E-Hybrid starts at € 103.377 (Coupé from € 106,352).

The new Porsche Cayenne SUV and Coupe models are available to order now, with deliveries in Europe starting in July 2023.

2024 Spec Porsche Cayenne SUV - Heroic Stance
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