Ultra nerd MKBHD beta tests Tesla Full self driving
Here’s What Happened When An Ultra Nerd Beta Tested Tesla’s Full Self Driving Mode

The ultra-ned is YouTuber MKBHD and his mission is to Beta test Tesla’s latest full self-driving software release. Beta is derived from the second letter of the Greek alphabet. Some scholars have suggested it is actually derived from the ancient Celtic language. Others say Beta is derived from the Hebrew word for house. In modern slang, Beta means a man who is seen as passive, subservient, weak, and effeminate.

However, in the world of software development, Beta is used for testing a product before it is fully released. With the internet, software developers and companies can user-test their products to a wider audience. The end-user has to sign up online to be given special access.

Ultra nerds love nothing more than Beta testing new software releases. MKBHD Beta tests Tesla’s Full Self Driving software before it is fully released to the public. And we discover that it is becoming seriously, but not quite, foolproof.

Ultra nerd MKBHD beta tests Tesla Full self driving
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