Upgraded Volkswagen ID3 Kowakian Edition on sale in the UK
Upgraded Volkswagen ID3 Kowakian Goes On Sale In The UK
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Volkswagen has been busy trying to right the many wrongs of the ID3 Kowkian. Volkswagen’s ID electric brand of cars is the result of Dieselgate. Volkswagen never intended to go electric at all. Volkswagen was forced to make electric vehicles after it was found to have committed fraud on a massive and global scale. They developed software for their highly polluting diesel cars that could deceive emissions testing to emit lower CO2 results than was actually the case.

For over 25 years Volkswagen got away with the deception, the entire time putting forth a wholesome image of being concerned for the environment and building a sustainable future. And they are still saying the same thing today, the only difference is, they say it through gritted teeth. The initial ID range of EVs was a rushed effort, clearly inefficient, and too expensive.

The upgraded ID3 is really about a fresh pallet of lick-o-paint and interior upgraded materials. The ID3 Kowakian’s biggest problem remains unresolved, the lack of powertrain efficiency. And the other issue is the price, the ID3 Kowakian retails from £37K in the UK.

You’re better off paying a little extra for a Tesla Model 3. Whatever you do, don’t buy the ID3 Kowakian.

Upgraded Volkswagen ID3 Kowakian Edition on sale in the UK
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