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Volkswagen Strikes Back Over Implementation of Euro 7 Emissions Standards
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After orchestrating the deception and criminality that was Dieselgate, one would expect Volkswagen to be perpetually bowing their collective corporate heads in shame and defer to the whims of those trying to clear up the mess they started. Volkswagen has no shame and is currently bitterly complaining and whining like a corporate Karen over the introduction of new and very tough EU emissions laws. Laws designed to make sure Volkswagen never again sells diesel or gasoline cars labeled as “clean”.

The EU will implement the Euro 7 Emissions Standard in mid-2024. However, Volkswagen is leading (if you can call it that) the call to enforce a delay arguing that the 2024 date will be too costly to implement.

Volkswagen is demanding the introduction of the Euro 7 Emissions Standards date be delayed until 2026-2027. Volkswagen’s strategy is to argue a lead time of several years is needed to meet the Euro 7 standards.

Volkswagen had 25 years to clean up its act but it hid behind defeat device software and marketed its diesel cars as the “cleanest” and least impactful to the environment. They were lies, pure lies. The EU Commission argues that there is no time to delay.

Euro 7 must be implemented as soon as possible to cut harmful emissions, is the EU’s counter-argument. It is clear that Volkswagen is using delaying tactics. If the EU did agree to VW’s demands, then calls for more delays would only escalate.

For a company that is investing in electric vehicles and using it as a tool to promote a low emissions and sustainable corporate identity, VW’s demand to delay Euro 7 is bad optics.

Oliver Blume VW
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