F1 Engine Regulations 2026 Explained
2026 F1 Engine Regulations Explained… it’s complicated!
Formula One

The FIA and Formula 1 are expected to introduce a new power unit formula for the 2026 season, which is likely to focus on sustainable fuels and energy recovery systems. The new engines will continue with the current 1.6-litre V6 hybrid power unit architecture but with a greater emphasis on sustainable fuels. The biggest change will come in the form of a significant power reduction.

From 2026, the new F1 power unit will emit under 500bhp, a sharp fall from the 1,000bhp units powering the current generation of F1 cars. Conversely, the electric motor will increase in power, but its use per lap will be limited to just 11 seconds.

The new regulations are also expected to place greater emphasis on cost control, with the aim of reducing the financial burden on teams and promoting greater parity between teams.

There may also be changes to the technical regulations, with a focus on simplifying the engines and reducing complexity to make them more reliable and cost-effective.

Engineering Explained reveals more, but even his simplified breakdown is complex to understand.

F1 Engine Regulations 2026 Explained
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