Solid State Battery - Porsche Taycan
An 800 Mile Electric Porsche Sounds like A Plan Worth Waiting For
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Solid-state battery technology is the holy grail for the future of electric vehicles. Lab-based prototypes show promising theoretical gains over lithium-ion battery cells currently used by the likes of Tesla. Solid-state batteries predominantly use silicon, however scaling up lab-based experiments is proving difficult. The silicon used in solid-state batteries has a tendency to expand 300 times over a charging cycle.

A solid-state battery is made up of made of a sandwich of ceramic, glass, or polymers and Lithium in its solid state. However, automotive-grade solid-state batteries are proving to be difficult to scale out of the lab and into an electric vehicle.

Solid-state batteries hold up-to 50 percent more energy density than lithium-ion batteries of the same size. And recharging a solid-state battery powered EV from 5-80 percent could take no less than 15 minutes. Getting the formula to work is proving difficult.

Porsche is undeterred and fully intends to drink from the cup of Christ in its pursuit to make sold-state batteries a viable reality. By getting the chemical mix right, Porsche scientists and engineers believe an 800-mile-plus EV is more than possible.

On a cautionary note, Volkswagen is currently working on a joint project with a solid-state battery EV startup, QuantumSpace. However, Volkswagen recently stated that scaling solid-state battery production was proving to be “a challenging step”.

Solid State Battery - Porsche Taycan
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