Ford CEO Jim Farley
Ford Abandons Plans To Establish Supercharging Network, Seeks Help From Tesla
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Ford has made a significant strategic shift by abandoning its plans to establish a supercharging network to compete with Tesla. Instead, the company has decided to embrace a more pragmatic approach, recognizing that if they can’t surpass their rival, it’s better to join forces with them. In a recent announcement, Ford revealed that they have reached an agreement to access Tesla’s extensive supercharging network, with implementation expected to begin early next year. As part of this collaboration, Ford will modify its electric vehicles to be compatible with Tesla’s proprietary charging ports, eliminating the need for consumers to purchase an adapter.

The announcement was made during a Twitter Spaces meeting, where Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk engaged in discussions. Tesla’s supercharging network currently boasts 17,000 charging stations, and Ford’s electric vehicles will gain access to the majority, if not all, of these stations. Ford’s inability to match Tesla’s supercharging infrastructure marks a significant departure from their previous public statements.

In recent years, Ford and its CEO have often taken subtle jabs at Tesla. However, it seems that Ford’s focus on preserving its own identity rather than embracing future innovation has caused them to lag behind in the race. By prioritizing the establishment of a robust charging network, Tesla has demonstrated a commitment to leading the electric vehicle industry and setting the standard for others to follow.

Ford’s decision to partner with Tesla’s network indicates a recognition of its own shortcomings and a desire to move forward by leveraging Tesla’s existing infrastructure.

Ford CEO Jim Farley
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