Mansory G Class P900 - Heroic Stance
Mansory’s Desert Dwelling G Class Was Built For Hegemonic Empires At War
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Imagine if you will, living in a hegemonic empire in a permanent state of war. The chances are you will most likely never realize your country is at war. Hegemonic empires at war often have a fully functioning democracy. The evening TV entertainment is filled with late-night talk show hosts being paid millions to endlessly waffle. Or the TV schedules may be filled with dancing or talent contests or so-called reality TV shows. And the chances are the politicians will engage in a bit of a culture war because divide and conquer politics is much better than actually addressing people’s needs, or making the future better.

Mansory G Class P900 - FQ

Meanwhile, the hegemonic empire at war is lighting fires across the world, starting proxy wars, pitting one faction against another or simply buying out one faction to do terrorism on the other… or the entire country. The end goal of this imaginary, dystopian hegemonic empire at war abroad is to steal natural resources and funnel the accumulated mineral wealth back home into the pockets of the state and big business.

Mansory G Class P900 - Interior

Another goal is to feed the military machine with endless war and endless financing of these endless wars. Although this hegemonic empire hides behind the banner of bringing freedom, democracy and justice to the parts of the world it is actively ransacking. Thankfully, such a dystopian empire doesn’t exist… If it did exist then Mansory has created a military-spec-looking thing.

Mansory G Class P900 - Rear Stance

The Mansory G Class P900 is able to traverse deserts to ferry militarism right to oil fields in the name of freedom, democracy and justice to parts of the world where none exists. The Mansory G Class P900 is based on a stock Mercedes G 63 AMG. Mansory made a number of modifications to the 4.4-litre VW twin-turbo and then some.

The Mansory G Class P900 generates over 900bhp, and 1,200 Nm (885 lb-ft) of torque. This allows the G Class P900 to be ridiculously fast. Anyway, the standout feature is the military look of the vehicle. The widebody kit and sand color make this G Class look like it’s ready for yet another hegemonic empire at war invasion.

Mansory G Class P900 - Heroic Stance
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