All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - Master Stance
New Generation BMW 5 Series Revealed… It’s Certainly Different
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Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay, oh, I believe in yesterday. BMW certainly used a bit of “yesterday” to evolve the new generation (8th) 5 Series which was revealed… yesterday. Daily Car Blog, always first with the latest car news. Anyway,  in terms of exterior styling, BMW has played out kind of safe.  The front headlights are influenced by the E60. The new model now features a double hoffmeister kink, which incorporates an additional vanity kink element. The addition of this new styling element detracts from the distinctive design feature of the 5 Series, creating a distracting visual effect.

All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - Rear Stance

The angle of the rear boot seems to slope down excessively, which could be for aerodynamic purposes. The new design is interesting in parts but the styling doesn’t feel cohesive. But as with any new BMW launch, it takes a bit of time to understand the styling. However, the biggest issue is the price. In the UK, the new BMW 5 Series’s entry-level price starts from £50,000.  GULP.

All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - Front

What do you get for your entry-level £50K BMW 5 Series? An exotic V6 powerplant upfront perhaps? Nope, times have changed folks, it’s just a 4-cylinder, 2.0-litre 208bhp petrol powerplant.  The V6 powerplants don’t arrive until next year.

All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - Interior

Electric powerplants are now exclusively used in the latest models, including the all-electric i5 which shares the same platform as its petrol counterpart, with the only noticeable difference being the front grill. While it may seem financially sensible to create an electric version of an existing powerplant on the same platform, the reality is that it can be extremely expensive.

All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - Rear Interior

The i5 range, has a starting price of £73,000 for the single motor. Meanwhile, the i5 M60 xDrive dual motor begins at a higher price point of £96,000. In terms of value for money, it may be more beneficial to consider purchasing a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y instead. With a Tesla, you can enjoy a better range and access to a superior supercharging network.

All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - i% Electric

BMW is set to launch the 530e and BMW 550e xDrive plug-in hybrid models by 2024. These models are expected to provide an electric range of 49-56 miles (WLTP) and 54-62 miles, respectively. However, some may question the need for a plug-in hybrid car as they may be considered outdated and inefficient relics of the ICE engine era. If you prefer an electric car, it may be more practical to opt for a fully electric vehicle.

Regarding the interior, the new generation 5 series is expected to excel in terms of premium materials, build quality, and modern equipment for tech-savvy buyers. The new BMW 5 Series range will start at £49,850, with customer deliveries beginning in October 2023.

All New 2023 BMW 5 Series - Master Stance
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