Fisker Ocean E Force off roader - Heroic Stance
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough For The Fisker Ocean E Force
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Where does one buy a Fisker Ocean? You can hop on over to the website and reserve one now for $250. Whenever it goes on sale, the Fisker Ocean will retail from $35K for entry-level models and up to $60K for AWD full power boat mode derivatives. Fisker claims the Ocean will have a maximum range of 440mile from a 100 kWh battery pack. That’s a bigger battery pack Tesla uses for the Model X. It’s a bold claim for Fisker to make considering Tesla engineers the most efficient EVs on the market right now.

One assumes Fisker is either hedging its bets or has developed an out of this world electric drivetrain superior to that of Tesla. Considering the amount of investment Tesla has made in developing proprietary drivetrains, it is highly unlikely Fisker has the financial clout to invest in developing propriety, in-house EV drivetrains.

Instead, the Fisker Ocean will have electric drivetrains supplied by manufacturing partner Magna Steyr, an Austrian contract engineering and car manufacturer behemoth. Magna Steyr’s engineering and manufacturing expertise is second to none. But it remains to be seen if the Ocean will match Fisker’s marketing benchmarks.

Fisker Ocean E Force off roader - Rear

Anyway folks, in preparation for the forthcoming launch of the Ocean, Fisker has revealed an offroad, albeit rendered in CGi, model derivative. The Fisker Ocean Force E rides on 33-inch all-terrain tires wrapped around 20-inch reinforced wheels, specialized dampers, plus an estimated 550 horsepower.

A raised ride height allows for substantial ground clearance and ramp angles. A full-length titanium underbody plate protects the Fisker Ocean’s battery, and the vehicle has structurally mounted front and rear skid plates.

The package can even be retrofitted on all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean models, giving future customers the option of transforming their vehicles in preparation for WWIII.

Fisker Ocean E Force off roader - Heroic Stance
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