Tesla Bot Makes Steady Progress
Tesla Bot Will Be Bigger Than Tesla Automotive Says Elon Musk

During the 2023 Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting modern-day Oracle Elon Musk made a groundbreaking announcement, positioning Tesla Bot as the future leader in Tesla’s overall product strategy. Musk’s revelation highlighted the potential for Tesla Bot to surpass the annual sales of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs). Furthermore, he outlined the company’s ambitious plans to achieve an annual production target of 20 million EV sales.

Although this monumental milestone is projected to materialize within the next 5-10 years, preparations are already underway to transform this vision into a reality. However, it was the Tesla Bot that undeniably stole the spotlight, as a squad of these meticulously programmed robots showcased their capabilities alongside a Cybertruck.

Musk, seizing the opportunity, also took the time to reiterate that the initial deliveries of the highly anticipated Cybertruck are scheduled to commence before the year’s end, expressing his personal commitment by sharing his intention to make Cybertruck his daily driver.

The event served as a platform to showcase Tesla’s cutting-edge innovations and Musk’s unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Tesla Bot Makes Steady Progress
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