Rupert The Criminal Stadler
Ex Audi CEO And Volkswagen Fall Guy Fined $1.2M Over Dieslegate Corruption
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Volkswagen had to show some kind of public remorse for the mass fraud exposed during Dieselgate. And ex-Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has become the white-collar criminal who is the brand ambassador of Volkswagen’s collective penitence. Stadler has been fined $1.2 million by German state prosecutors following a lengthy criminal trial. However, he was able to avoid imprisonment through a suspended sentence lasting one year and nine months.

The former CEO of Audi becomes Volkswagen’s scapegoat for the “Dieselgate” which was illegal software developed by Volkswagen for the purposes of cheating emissions testing. Prosecutors in Munich accused Stadler of having knowledge of the so-called defeat device.

Prosecutors also accused the former CEO of Audi of failing to prevent the sale of such cars armed with the defeat device. At first, Stadler blamed his engineers for not disclosing important information, but later he made a full confession to everything.

Also on trial alongside Stadler were two former Audi executives, Giovanni Pamio and Wolfgang Holtz received suspended sentences and fines.

Rupert The Criminal Stadler
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