Tesla Cybertruck production ready demonstrator
Taking A First Look At The Production Ready Tesla Cybertruck

When will the Tesla Cybertruck be released? Initially, it was scheduled to launch in 2021, but due to several setbacks, some people think that the Cybertruck might not actually exist. Is the Cybertruck a mythical automotive unicorn never to fly or will it actually go on sale at the end of the year as now promised?

The Cybertruck is real, at least this production-ready demonstrator that was on display to potential buyers somewhere in jerk water USA. However, the exact price of the Cybertruck is still unknown, but it is estimated to start at $60,000. Tesla boasts a range of 500 miles which could be a significant breakthrough if proven accurate.

YouTuber The Megawatts gives a brief tour revealing a huge windscreenwiper for the retail ready model. Other than that, the Cybertruck continues to look awesome.

Tesla Cybertruck production ready demonstrator
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