Fisker Pear - A SU-EV
Is The Fisker Pear A $29,000 Too Good To Be True Banana Skin?
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When the Fisker Pear does launch in 2025, it will not cost £28,000 and it will certainly not launch in 2025 as stated by Fisker Inc. Indeed the Fisker Pear has been delayed by a year due to supplier problems, which seems to be a common issue in the automotive industry. There is a high possibility that more delays will occur as no battery supplier has been confirmed yet. How is Fisker Inc making their electric vehicles more affordable for the average person, as they currently seem unattainable for all but those on high incomes?

Apparently, the interior will offer a “bare bones” experience, meaning cost-cutting measures pretty much every component and part. Fisker aims to make the Pear as a lifestyle EV aimed at younger drivers, presumably to divert attention away from the cost-cutting. Specifications are yet to be revealed but it was confirmed two variants will offer a range of 150 miles and 300 miles.

It seems unlikely that the Fisker Pear will be sold for $29,000 since it will be manufactured in a former General Motors facility located in Ohio, USA. Unless it receives state subsidies, it’s difficult to see how Fisker can produce an affordable electric vehicle in the USA for that price, considering the expenses related to wages, energy costs, setting up production, and supply chains. As a result, it appears that the Fisker Pear may be at risk of being abandoned.

But what do we know, we could be wrong, but it is our understanding that Fisker Inc has sold 22 of their Ocean EVs thus far this year. Despite these details, Fisker Inc has not been halted in its progress. The company recently introduced two new vehicles: the Fisker Alaska EV pickup and the Ronin, a high-end super GT with 1,000bhp.

Nevertheless… I gotta a bad feeling about Fisker…

Fisker Pear - A SU-EV
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