King Git Ralph Schumacher
Ralf Schumacher Was A Complete And Utter Git Reveals Former Team Mate
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Define git: The term “git” derives from English slang, a derogatory term used to describe an individual who is considered disagreeable, foolish, inept, bothersome, or displaying qualities of senility, advanced age, or immaturity. The term “git” could be attributed to Ralf Schumacher in light of Giancarlo Fisichella’s critical remarks regarding their shared experiences as teammates during their time at the Jordan team in 1997. Nevertheless, Fisichella didn’t resort to using the term “git”; instead, he chose to employ the equally disparaging Italian slang “fighettino” which translates to “show-off” or “poser.”

In the amphitheatre of Formula 1, a prevailing sentiment asserts that a driver’s initial competition lies with their own teammate. This alpha male stance contrasts with the “team-first” ethos often endorsed by team leaders. Giancarlo Fisichella was one of the top drivers of his era, a 13-year career (1996-2009) in the firey pit of F1 shows how strong, fast, solid and consistent he was.

While Fisichella didn’t ascend to the ranks of championship-winning glory, he did manage to secure an admirable tally of three victories and 19 podium finishes. Ralph Schumacher, brother of Michael Schumacher, had a ten-year career in F1 securing 6 wins and 26 podiums. Schumacher Jr. was a solid and dependable driver. However, stats are no measure of the individual, Fisichella was simply a better driver.

In a recent media interview conducted by the Italian news publication Corriere della Sera, Fisichella disclosed the identity of his toughest teammate from his tenure in Formula 1. Toughest in this particular case relates to the most difficult teammate to work with. Ralph Schumacher was at the top of Fisichella’s list.

Giancarlo Fisichella - 2023

“There was not a good relationship with Ralf Schumacher in 1997 at Jordan. He was ‘fighettino’, he felt superior even though I beat him. In Argentina I was second and he was third. “After the race, he touched me and made a stupid joke: ‘OK, I’ll buy him a pizza’. From then on it was all uphill with him.”

However, Fisichella was full of praise for Michael Schumacher:

“I had a very good relationship with Schumi, a person, as well as a driver, of a very different calibre: we have a passion for football and at least two to three matches of the National Team drivers’ team were always played.”

“We shared tracks, football, dinners, karaoke: it’s a pity he ended up as we know, fate is sometimes cruel.”

King Git Ralph Schumacher
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