Hollering Scotty Kilmer Blasts Tesla - AGAIN!
Scotty Kilmer Blasts Tesla For Suppressing His Freedom of Hollering

Scotty Kilmer, the high-octane hollering car-focused YouTuber, claims Tesla tried to suppress his freedom of speech. Quelling Scotty Kilmer’s resilience requires significant effort, as with many YouTubers, Kilmer often leans towards crafting clickbait headlines.

Kilmer claims that Tesla approached him after he made statements about the company, asserting that Tesla’s vehicles are constructed with subpar quality and positioned at a premium price point within the market.

Verifying Kilmer’s assertion is unattainable due to its foundation on a mere headline; notably, he never alluded to any contact from Tesla in the video, despite the video being quite informative and balanced.

Hollering Scotty Kilmer Blasts Tesla - AGAIN!
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