2017 BMW 1 Series Review - Master Stance
Used Car Review: 5 Reasons We Love BMW 1 Series Hatchback 2.0

Quick Facts:

Body: Hatchback | Engine: 1,995CC | Torque: 400N·m

Transmission: Automatic | Max Speed: 138mph | Acceleration: 6.9secs

Since first hitting the road in 2004, the BMW 1 Series has been a firm favourite with fans of German luxury. However, with the 2023 range starting at over £27,000 even for an entry-level model, it’s not hard to see why the used marketplace has become the first choice.

There are many great BMW 1 Series models available. Still, it’s the 2017 (67 plate) 120d xDrive M Sport Shadow Edition five-door that takes our #1 spot. Here’s why:

The Price

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that the financial aspects are one of the chief incentives for using the used marketplace. At £17,990, experts at Greendale Car Sales can help buyers save ten grand compared to the basement 2023 edition. When looking at a comparable model from the new marketplace, the savings are actually far greater. Not bad for a car that’s under six years old.

2017 BMW 1 Series Review - Rear

Better still, buying from a reputable dealership opens the door to flexible repayment plans. The days of having to buy used cars for an outright cash price are long gone. If looking for an affordable way to own a BMW 1 Series without going back to models from pre-2010, this is ideal. Similarly, it’s not going to depreciate at a quick rate from this point either. 

The Speed

Look, we love BMW’s commitment to ethical EV productions as much as the next person. Nonetheless, as a petrolhead (or diesel), there’s no substitute for opening up on the track with a speed demon. At 138 mph, the xDrive M Sport Shadow Edition is a great choice. And with the ability to do 0-60 in under seven seconds, you’ll feel the oomph of this four-wheel drive when driving on the motorways too.

With a 187 BHP, it might not stand out as the absolute most powerful vehicle on the market. However, the hatchback model is very nippy, especially when combined with the automatic gears and epic handling. It’s for these reasons that we prefer the xDrive models over anything else in the BMW family. As far as hatchbacks go, it’s certainly fast.

The Style

There is an unmistakable joy that comes from driving any BMW. However, this 1 Series model is one that’s certain to deliver the luxury vibes you deserve. It comes with all the features you’d expect in a new edition ranging from Bluetooth and electric windows to heated seats. It also has auto wipers, auto lights, LED headlights, rear parking sensors, and a glut of features to impress your passengers.

2017 BMW 1 Series Review - Interior

You will feel the love for your vehicle before, during, and after every journey. Whether it’s Alpine White, Crimson Red, Mediterranean Blue, or Mineral Grey, the 1 Series hatchback will look great. From the second you leave the forecourt and for many years to come. Frankly, you’ll never get bored of driving the 67-plate stunner.

The Practicality

The speed and handling aren’t only great for when you want to hit the local track. They also make motorway driving a doddle. This Series 1 model is also one of the first to feature all-wheel xDrive. Cruise control, multiple driving modes, shadow line, and assisted driving features make it an ideal drive for long journeys. When combined with the stylistic attributes of a BMW 1 Series, it has become great for career folk.

BMW 1 Series Final Stance

Crucially, the dimensions and weight (2005kg) make it a good choice for city driving too. Of course the five-door model adds to the convenience and versatility needed for family life. And, as much as EVs are becoming more popular, filling up is more practical than charging. For many, it’ll be worth avoiding the transition for another few years.

The Easy Maintenance 

BMW is considered an averagely reliable manufacturer as far as its used cars are concerned. So, as long as you buy a BMW 1 Series hatchback from a dealer, you should be fine. However, even if an issue does surface, finding replacement parts for the 120d xDrive M Sport Shadow Edition is quite easy. Experts like Euro Car Parts allow you to order them online. This is ideal when looking to take the DIY route or consider modifying the car.

In truth, though, garages should have the parts in stock to fix most functional issues. So, unlike the case with many used vehicles, there is no threat of being left without a ride for weeks. In short, it’s a BMW Series 1 that can keep you smiling for years to come. As a main car or an addition to your collection, you will be on the road to success.

2017 BMW 1 Series Review - Master Stance
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