Xpeng G9 DCB
The Rise of The Chinese Electric Vehicle Industry Forges A Pathway Into Europe
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Chinese electric vehicle (EV) start-up Xpeng is set to expand its presence into key European markets, including the United Kingdom, Germany and France in 2024. The company, which counts Volkswagen Group among its investors, has already established a foothold in Scandinavian markets and the Netherlands. VW plans to invest approximately $700 million in Xpeng and secure a seat on the company’s board. The collaboration’s initial focus is on the joint development of two larger electric vehicles (EVs) exclusively intended for the Chinese market. These EVs will utilize Xpeng’s G9 ‘Edward’ platform and will be released in China in 2026.

In Germany and France, Xpeng will introduce its lineup of vehicles, including the G6 midsize SUV, G9 large SUV, and P7 large sedan. Additionally, the company plans to develop a right-hand-drive version of the G6 specifically tailored for the U.K. market.

This strategic expansion into Germany signifies a significant benchmark in Xpeng’s European ambitions, following its successful entry into smaller, EV-friendly markets.

Xpeng’s plans for 2024 involve entering the German, French, and U.K. markets with a range of vehicles, and the company views its success in Germany as a crucial factor in its broader European strategy.

Xpeng made its European debut in Norway in 2020 with the introduction of the G3 compact electric SUV. However, the company has since shifted its focus towards larger and more premium models like the G9 and P7, expanding its presence into Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

While Xpeng has drawn inspiration from Tesla in various aspects of its digital-centric vehicle development, it has notably chosen a different path by not emulating Tesla’s direct sales approach. Instead, Xpeng has opted to establish collaborative partnerships with local dealer groups.

Xpeng G9 DCB
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