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Jeremiah Clarkson: A 700km Pandemic Peugeot E-3008 EV is A Complete And Utter Fantasy

Rcently pandemic stricken Peugeot, a corporation still under the illusion that WWII is yet to conclude, launched yet another miserable attempt to build an electric vehcile. The pandemic stricken Peugeot press department invited members of the press to participate in a mind control session refered to as the e-3008 EV PRESS LAUNCH.

One crucial aspect of an automotive press launch that you should be aware of is that esteemed motoring journalists are lavishly entertained, often at considerable expense. At these events journalists are being fattened, their opinions bought by the generous offerings of an endless supply of free wine, delectable cuisine, and a luxurious overnight stay at an upscale hotel.

Marketing departments frequently label these motoring journalists as “influencers,” but in reality, it’s money that holds the most influential sway. And it is sterile monlotihc corpoations such a Peugeot/Stellantis that have the real influence because the power of money is more than the sum of a massive Youtube following or a glossy established media motoring magazine.

Certainly, the pandemic-affected Peugeot brand subtly exerts its financial influence over the minds of motoring journalists, akin to how a mafia boss wields a baseball bat at the annual “capo di capo” meeting. Such as a typical Bank of England meeting to rig the interest rates in order to bail out their vultre capital friends in the square mile.

Anyway… the Pandemic Peugeot e-3008 EV.

Pandemic stricken Peugeot are boasting that the e-3008 EV has a battery range of over 700km. It is of course a complete and utter bullshit lie. Pandemic Peugeot will say its based on some sort of rigourous test, but in reality somebody added a few extra zeros in the calculations. Or they probably got Mike Arnold to do the calculations.

Nonetheless the media, like hypnotised zombies read the script they were given no doubt fueled by the influence of free food, free wine and ch-ching! Not one single “influencer” questioned Pandemic Peugeot’s 700km claim, not one. Where is the critical thinking gone? Journalism is dead and it died at the door step of a 5 star hotel.

If Tesla, the frontrunner in electric vehicle technology, hasn’t achieved a 700km range yet, how the fuck does Peugeot plan to pull it off?

Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog contributor
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