Formula One news brief - September 2023
The World of Formula One – News Brief
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The constant need for F1 news media to generate clickbait content and fuel ongoing debates can make it challenging to navigate the Formula 1 landscape. Even the seasoned and widely respected F1 journalist, Andrew Benson, found himself criticized by his own readers for a recent clickbait article on BBC Sport. In this article, he claimed that Toto Wolff had stated Verstappen’s historic 10th consecutive win at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix was ‘completely irrelevant.’

Let me say this about Max Verstappen securing that 10th consecutive win record, no matter the superiority of the car, Verstappen still has to deliver and perform at the highest level to achieve such a feat. 10 wins in a row requires total concentration and dedication, making the least amount of mistakes possible, weekend after weekend. Verstappen has made winning seem as effortless as breathing.

Even with the advantage of a superior car, he’s managed to extract every ounce of power and then some from his Red Bull machine. Therefore, Verstappen undeniably deserves his record-breaking number of wins. However, the question lingers: How will he perform when faced with stiff competition? What will happen when he’s inevitably pushed into a challenging position?

Lewis Hamilton Extends Mercedes Contract.

Lewis Hamilton - Hungarian Grand Prix Pole Position

Verstappen has resorted to unsporting tactics in the past, particularly in his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton. Regarding Lewis Hamilton, he put an end to the speculations surrounding his future with Mercedes by officially confirming a two-year contract extension. His teammate, George Russell, also committed to an additional two years with Mercedes, ensuring a blend of championship-winning experience and youthful energy within the team’s lineup.

Mad Dog Marko Barks Back

Mad Dog Marko - Dr Death - Dailycarblog

Red Bull’s man without a proper job, Mad Dog Helmut Marko, was firing his mouth off as per usual, the Mad Dog is Red Bull’s Chief Romper Stomper and is currently building a twisted narrative surrounding the future of Sergio Perez. It appears that Perez’s prospects within Red Bull may be dimming, and there are indications that the team may consider targeting Lando Norris as a potential replacement for him.

Who will replace Mad Dog Marko when he is gone?

Nevertheless, Formula One is rife with perpetual speculation and rumours, embodying the global appeal of a sport while retaining the close-knit camaraderie of a dysfunctional small village.

Formula One news brief - September 2023
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