BMW 5 Series Update Report
BMW Forecasts 50 Percent of 5 Series Sales To Be Electric
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The highest-priced and most powerful version within the BMW 5 Series model range is the i5 M60 xDrive, featuring full-electric capabilities and four-wheel drive, with a starting price of €99,500. In terms of European sales for the newly introduced 5 Series, BMW anticipates a balanced sales distribution between the traditional combustion versions of the sedan and its electric counterpart, the i5, according the company. This 50-50 split is expected to occur throughout the model’s life cycle in Europe.

However, on a global scale, the i5 is projected to constitute 30 percent of the overall sales for the 5 Series model family during the same period. The slightly lower percentage is attributed to the comparatively slower adoption of full-electric models in various international markets where BMW operates. Each iteration of the i5 is equipped with an 81.2-kilowatt-hour battery pack, providing a claimed range of up to 477 to 582 km (296 to 361 miles)..

All variants of the 5 Series model family are manufactured at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany, which has been producing the 5 Series since 1972. Deliveries have already commenced in Germany, with other global markets set to follow suit starting on November 25.

In Germany, the 5 Series has a base price of €57,550 ($61,000) for the 520i with a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine, while the diesel-powered 520d begins at €59,750. The plug-in hybrid 530e is priced at €65,300, and the full-electric i5 eDrive 40 starts at €70,200.

The powertrains feature two 48-volt mild-hybrid variants, encompassing both gasoline and diesel options, along with two gasoline plug-in hybrids and two fully electric models. The station wagon iteration of the 5 Series is scheduled to be released in Europe in spring 2024, featuring the same drivetrains as the sedan.

For the USA market, BMW wi;; exclusively provide the 5 Series with a six-cylinder gasoline variant, a model not available for sale in Europe.

BMW 5 Series Update Report
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