Michio Kaku on Quantum Computing
Michio Kaku, The Yoda of Physics, On The Future of Quantum Computing

Michio Kaku, arguably the most popular theoretical physicist on the planet, delves into the next revolution in computing. If you believe computer technology has plateaued, then quantum computing isn’t just an evolution. Indeed, to label quantum computing as the holy grail of computing would be an understatement of its core theory.

Certainly, quantum computing operates on the atomic level, where calculations are performed atom by atom. Theoretically, each atom can store more information than all the computers currently in existence. But what does mean in practice, in the real world?

It signifies breakthroughs in next-generation medicines and vast improvements in technology by orders of magnitude. Indeed, the technology derived from quantum computing of the future will make magic seem real. However, once politicians and businesses become involved, privatizing everything, we may find ourselves back at square one in the grim world of reality.

However, before all of these possibilities materialize, scientists are actively working to bring quantum computing into reality. Achieving this milestone has required the dedicated efforts of the best minds in the field for over 40 years. It is challenging to make an individual atom perform a task, as it necessitates constructing a machine to control the atom and execute the desired task.

Quantum computing holds tremendous promise, but it also faces significant challenges. Addressing these challenges requires collaborative efforts from physicists, engineers, and computer scientists. While progress is being made, quantum computing technology is still in the early stages of development, and overcoming these hurdles is essential for realizing the full potential of quantum computing.

Michio Kaku explains all in this video.

Michio Kaku on Quantum Computing
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