Cheap VW EV - The ID 2
The Volkswagen ID2 Will Fail to Hit The 25,000 Euro Price Target
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After dominating the Internal Combustion era, Volkswagen currently finds itself caught up in a tale of two eras—one slowly coming to an end and the other looming on the horizon like a tribe of invading barbarians. While Elon Musk’s legacy will be Tesla, Volkswagen has left the world with the lasting legacy of the Dieselgate scandal. If Dieselgate had not happened, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powertrains would most probably coexist with the electric age. However, Volkswagen, motivated by profit and guided by greed couldn’t resist the temptation to lay waste to clean air directives and laws. Volkswagen has been greenwashing ever since.

Credit must be given to Volkswagen for the technical charade that was Dieselgate; it was initiated with a remarkable degree of criminal-like innovation. However, this is where their innovation ends. They failed to prepare for the future—fairly speaking, very few foresaw the slow but steady rise of the electric car era, except for Musk. Now, moving lumberingly and sloth-like, Volkswagen is hastily entering the electric car era, albeit late and unprepared.

Late To The Party

In the trend of fashionably arriving late to the party, Volkswagen has joined the electric vehicle (EV) scene in a hurriedly assembled ensemble—shirt loosely hanging, suit creased. This lackadaisical demeanour is reflected in the ID series of electric cars, showcasing an efficiency far from the standard set by VW’s renowned Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) units. The overall proposition of the ID series fails to ignite the electric vehicle world.

It appears that Volkswagen is merely going through the motions, lacking the electrifying energy seen in its past endeavours. Undeterred, VW is currently in the process of developing an affordablely priced 25,000 euro EV, set to launch in 2025. The only conceivable way to achieve this price point for an electric city car is by providing a compact battery pack of approximately 35-55 kWh, resulting in an estimated range of around 120 -180 miles.

The ID 2 Will Be Anything But Affordable

However, VW asserts that the ID2 will provide over 279 miles of range, yet they have not disclosed the battery size. This omission strongly implies that the ID2 will feature a small battery pack, likely resulting in a range no greater than 200 miles. The VW ID2 is poised for failure due to its anticipated inability to meet the $25,000 price mark, coupled with an impractically low range.

The marketing myth suggests that electric car buyers might opt to buy two EVs, one for short-range city driving and one for long-range extended journeys. However, why not consider purchasing a single EV that can efficiently cater to both needs? That seems more cost-effective, doesn’t it?

Cheap VW EV - The ID 2
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