2024 Volkswagen Passat Estate
The Smooth Criminal of Estates: The All New Volkswagen Passat On Sale Now In The UK
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Volkswagen UK’s press release, or propaganda material for the new generation Passat estate leads with the headline “Smooth Operator,” alluding to its low drag coefficient. Amusing. One could easily label it as a smooth criminal, given Volkswagen’s criminality with the Dieselgate scandal. Dieselgate, was and remains a debacle akin to an unwanted vaccine thrust upon us all, whether through direct purchase or unwitting inhalation of the harmful emissions from these deceitful machines.

Anyway, Volkswagen is now in full sales and propaganda mode, eager to let the UK market know they no longer engage in criminal activities. Despite showing no remorse, the born-again manufacturer largely spends its time greenwashing its reputation by clinging on to new trend-driven phrases such as “sustainability” and “environmentally friendly”. We’ve heard that before.

The new 2024 Volkswagen Passat estate is on sale now in the UK with prices starting at £38,400. We can’t be bothered to say much more, go visit your local dealershit.

2024 Volkswagen Passat Estate
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