2024 Audi A7 Digitally Realised
All New Audi A7 Avant Uncovered
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According to industry reports, Audi is gearing up to unveil the Audi A7 Avant, an estate version of the A7 sedan. The Audi A7, distinguished by its hatchback-style opening, combines both style and practicality. However, this isn’t sufficient for Audi; they aim to provide buyers with an estate version, as A7 Avant test mules under camouflage have been observed during testing.

Instagram artist kelsonik provided the fully rendered digital impression revealing what the new A7 Avant might look like without the camouflage.

2024 Audi A7 Digitally Realised - Rear Stance

Audi consistently delivers the most stylish estates on the market – quietly elegant, understated, and highly desirable. The Audi A7 Avant seems poised to continue this trend. Reportedly, Audi plans to discontinue the current A6 Avant, with the A7 Avant effectively taking its place.

Sounds confusing? Yes, it is. However, there’s a method to the madness because the A6 is undergoing a transformation into a fully electric entity under Audi’s EV eTron branding.

Audi intends to conclude the development of its internal combustion engine range in 2026 but will continue manufacturing gasoline-powered engines well into the mid-2030s.

2024 Audi A7 Digitally Realised
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