2024 Aston Martin B Spec Set for February Reveal
Aston Martin To Reveal B-Spec Version of The Vantage
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Aston Martin is gearing up to unveil the “new” Vantage during a launch event, scheduled to coincide with the debut of their Formula 1 challenger AMR24 and the latest the Vantage GT3 race car, all set to take place on February 12th. However, Aston Martin’s financial situation resembles that of a high-wire act; while their products boast stunning design and performance, the company’s precarious financial standing means that major changes may be challenging to implement. Thus, the term “new” should be used cautiously in this context.

Just like its predecessor, the Aston Martin DB11-B, the so-called not-new Vantage will undergo minimal exterior changes, perhaps only a slight tweak to the headlight and rear light clusters. The bonnet will get a “sculptural update” for the sake of appearances, and who knows, maybe the front wings will also get a touch-up for that extra sculptural flair. Because why change what’s already… sort of working?

The most significant transformation comes from within: Aston Martin’s not-so-new Vantage B-Spec will boast a revamped interior, where the bulk of the development budget has been poured. This fresh interior, initially showcased in the DB11-B, will grace the not-new Vantage B-Spec, albeit with minor design tweaks to differentiate it from its larger sibling.

Aston Martin’s marketing team has proudly dubbed the not-new Vantage B-Spec as “engineered for real drivers.” However, a more fitting moniker might be “engineered to deceive,” as it’s essentially a cosmetic overhaul—a case of putting lipstick on a very fast pig if you will.

2024 Aston Martin B Spec Set for February Reveal
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