Kilmer Power Survey: Worst Cars of 2023 Revealed

The Kia Soul has been dubbed the worst car of 2023, as revealed by the Kilmer Power Survey. The Kilmer Power Survey doesn’t actually exist, we made it up. In a bid to uphold the highest journalistic standards, we fabricated this survey, demonstrating how journalism often involves embellishment and distortion of facts.

In reality, the Kilmer Power Survey, led by the hollering and yelling Scotty Kilmer, singles out the Kia Soul for its engine woes. The vehicle’s engine consumes excessive oil, a concerning issue for a new car model.

Moreover, the Kilmer Power Survey takes aim at the Volkswagen Jetta, essentially a sedan version of the Golf. With only two cars spotlighted in the survey, the Volkswagen Jetta finds itself under scrutiny alongside the Kia Soul.

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