Weak Demand For Maserati Continues into 2024
Weak Demand Forces Maserati To Halt Development of Luxury EV Saloon
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According to reports from Italian media, Maserati has halted work on their battery-powered sedan, the Quattroporte Folgore, due to concerns regarding the company’s continued sales decline. The Quattroporte Folgore is the third Maserati electric vehicle to be delayed, with the battery-electric versions of the GranTurismo coupe and Grecale midsize SUV also being postponed.

These electric versions were expected to launch in 2023 but have been moved to this year instead. Gasoline-powered versions of both the GranTurismo and Grecale are already available for purchase.

Maserati plans to make an electric-only range to include the sub-brand Folgore by 2030. The previous-generation Quattroporte production ended in Q4 2023. The new car will be built at the company’s Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy.

As a sign of Maserati’s continued sales decline 1,000 production workers at the Mirafiori factory will be temporarily laid off from Feb. 12 until March 3. The plant makes Levante SUV, GranTurismo coupe, and will add the GranCabrio soon.

More than 220 workers at Maserati’s factory in Modena, Italy, where it makes the MC20 sports car, will be temporarily laid off from Jan. 29 to Feb. 17 due to a decrease in demand for the €240,000 model.

Ghibli production ended in Q4. It will not be replaced, leaving the Quattroporte as the only sedan in the lineup.

Weak Demand For Maserati Continues into 2024
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