King Charlie Boy II has had enough of Jaguar Land Rover
Even King Charles Has Had Enough of Jaguar As He Ditches His i-Pace

The reigning monarch of England, King Charles Charlie Boy III, has grown weary of his association with Jaguar, and by extension, Land Rover. In a decisive move, King Charles Charlie Boy III is parting ways with his Jaguar i-Pace, opting to sell it. Launched in 2018, the i-Pace, a pure electric crossover, stands as a symbol of failure. Despite receiving favourable reviews from the UK’s established press, largely influenced by the financial ties with Jaguar Land Rover, the allure of the i-Pace failed to captivate a significant portion of consumers. While positive reviews may have fooled some, it ultimately fell short of widespread acceptance.

Since its debut in 2018, the i-Pace has sold 40,000 units across Europe and America. However, this success has been marred by persistent issues, notably concerning its limited range. It seems that the Jaguar brand carries its own weight of misfortune, almost like a curse in itself. Jaguar doesn’t require any external influences to destroy itself because the company is evidently capable of self-destruction from within.

And so the King of England, long live the King, Charles Charlie Boy III, has reached the end of his patience with his Jaguar i-Pace, which has been removed from the manicured gardens of Buckingham Palace, and is now being put up for sale privately.

Jaguar finds itself currently caught between two worlds. The company is ending production of its current range of petrol cars and switching to an electric-only brand by 2025. Doing so is certain to eventually kill off the brand for good, when this happens the Daily Car Blog will celebrate like it’s 1984.

King Charlie Boy II has had enough of Jaguar Land Rover
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