Cybertruck is a celebrity says ultra tech nerd MKBHD
The Cybertruck is The Celebrity of EVs Says Ultra Tech Nerd MKBHD

The destroyer of EV startup Fisker Inc. has turned his imperious and critical eye toward the Cybertruck. Auto manufacturers must shiver in fear when ultra-tech nerd MKBHD directs his attention to reviewing vehicles; after his review of the Fisker Ocean, the company’s stock price plummeted, and it now teeters on the brink of bankruptcy.

However, Fisker Inc.’s bankruptcy issues have long been brewing, and MKBHD’s review of the Ocean simply accelerated the process. In his latest critique, the ultra-tech nerd asserts that the Cybertruck is the celebrity of all EVs because of the attention it garners.

Consider this: how can an inanimate object attract so much attention? And he’s correct; the Cybertruck possesses that elusive superstar quality. It’s utterly bizarre but utterly original.

Cybertruck is a celebrity says ultra tech nerd MKBHD
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